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How to Beat the Holiday Blues

For some of us, the holidays are not all fun and festivities.

If the holiday season is making you a little blue, listen in for my tips and tricks for feeling better fast.

“How to Beat the Holiday Blues”

This aired on my ABC Radio Show “Health and Wellness Clinic with Peggy Hall” on December 17.



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Do You Know What Surfing Wellness Means?

Did you know that wellness is more than just the absence of illness?

We’re well when we feel vibrantly alive, filled with a sense of
purpose and wonder, of joy, gratitude and hope!

We’re well when we’re living our lives aligned with the purpose
of our soul, when we can’t wait to get up in the morning to see
what life has to offer!

We’re well when we feel whole, connected, at peace with ourselves
and with the world around us.

Wouldn’t you like to feel like that too?

Wouldn’t you like to find out how you can?

Sign up right here — for *FREE*!

Once each week, you’ll get one of my personal wellness tips,
tricks, strategies or skills for living a healthier,
happier, more fulfilling life — mind, body and spirit!

You’ll also get a “mindful mantra” of the week that will help you
stay connected to your path of wellness.

I look forward to sharing your journey!



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