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Surfing the Toilets

Yep, that’s right. We nicknamed one of our favorite breaks the “Toilets” because — well, they’re straight out from the port-o-lets on the beach.

And today, surfing the toilets was beautiful. I admit, it was sort of crowded — not a full-on Holiday Reversal (see previous post about that) but pretty darn near close.

The best part (aside from the the water being as warm as Hawaii) was that the waves were non-stop, perfect A frames. Plenty enough for everybody.

We all agreed that this has been an amazing summer of surf.

Hope it has been for you too!


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Red Bull

It’s funny, because I don’t even drink the stuff. (Trust me … you don’t want to see me on caffeine!)

But Red Bull is what I focus on what I’m paddling for a wave.

It all started when a surfing buddy of ours (not naming any names, Sean) commented on my laid-back paddling style. “Looks like Peg forgot her Red Bull,” he joked to my hubby David.

No wonder I was having trouble dropping into waves. My paddling power was fizzling right at the moment when I should have picked up the pace.

Now, our rally cry is “Red Bull — Red Bull!” whenever we want to cheer the other into a big wave.

I’m sure the other surfers in the lineup have no idea what we’re talking about…that is, until now!

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