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Get a Beach Body — Peggy’s SurfGirl Magazine Article

surf girl mag
I wrote the cover article on how to “Get a Beach Babe Body” — with exercises demonstrated by my good friend and fellow surfer Carolyn Ruiz!

We always say that the only thing better than surfing is surfing with your friends — and I’m so grateful for mine!

One night last week about seven of us paddled out (I can hear the groans now about bringing your own crowd …) but we were practically the only ones in the lineup.

Don’t you love it when you’re trading waves with your buddies, hooting for each other and claiming great rides?

Doesn’t get much better than that…

What do you think?!


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Yoga for Surfers II: Fluid Power Voted Top Yoga Video!

Wow — check out this Yoga for Surfers review from http://isurf.com –  where Yoga for Surfers II: Fluid Power is voted the favorite out of 34 yoga/exercise DVDs!

Here’s just a snippet of what you’ll read:

“Why pick Yoga for Surfers II (YFS II) over the other three DVDs in the series, you ask? The staffers diligently, and (ahem) masterfully, followed all four of the yoga DVD series for four weeks and afterwards uninamously voted on reviewing the YFS II DVD as the overall best fit for all levels of surfers – despite the YFS 4 DVD being titled “board sports”. (In all honesty, two of the staffers were YFS followers, one having been following the training daily for over 3 years while the other performing 2 to 3 sessions a week over the last 2 years!)”

Thanks, iSurf! So glad to know that my YFS programs have had such a positive impact!

Read the entire review here, then surf on over to www.YogaforSurfers.com to get the goods!

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11 Reasons Why You Need Yoga for Surfers

1. You’re feeling tired, weak, sore, stiff, slow, heavy or old.

2. You want to surf as well as you know you can.

3. You want to stretch but you’re not sure how.

4. Someone told you that you should do yoga.

5. You don’t want to go to a yoga class with all those other people.

6. You want to get rid of the aches and pains that are slowing you down.

7. You want to catch more waves more easily.

You'll wipe out a lot less when you're doing yoga

You'll wipe out a lot less when you're doing yoga

8. You want to surf with as much energy and endurance as possible.

9. You want to recover faster between sessions.

10. You want to find out for yourself what all the Yoga for Surfers buzz is about.

11. You want to learn yoga from a surfer who is also an inspirational yoga teacher.


You don’t know it yet (or maybe you do?!)  but Yoga for Surfers is going to change your life!

Grab more *FREE* info about yoga at www.YogaforSurfers.com


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