About Yoga for Surfers

Stretching before paddling out at Lowers

Hello! It’s Peggy Hall here, creator of the Yoga for Surfers instructional DVD series. I’ve helped thousands of people all over the world integrate yoga into their surfing — and into their lives!

You can read more about me at my personal website www.PeggyHall.com and also access my articles on health, fitness, nutrition and wellness.

I’m an avid surfer and certified as a yoga instructor, personal trainer and weight and lifestyle management consultant. I’m also the world’s leading authority on surf nutrition and even wrote the book on it!

My mission is to get as many surfers doing yoga as possible — just imagine the vibe in the lineup!

I discovered the yoga + surfing connection back in the mid-90’s when  I was trying to overcome my years of chronic shoulder tendinitis.

I couldn’t believe how much my surfing improved due to yoga!

And I was also amazed that there were no surf-specific videos at the time, so I set out to spread the yoga vibe with surfers all over the world with my best-selling Yoga for Surfers DVD series (which has sold more than 125,000 copies since 2002!)

If you’re new to yoga (and even if you’re not!)  please grab your *FREE * Yoga Stretches for Surfing!

You can also get my *FREE* wellness tips to help you live an amazing life!

And remember: yoga isn’t about mastering a series of poses — yoga is about experiencing yourself in the pose with a sense of calm energy and focused awareness, so you feel more alert and alive on the waves — and in your everyday life!

Hope to see you in the line-up!


3 responses to “About Yoga for Surfers

  1. Clive Riche

    I was in the lake today (Lago di Bracciano in Italy).
    I realized how important articuluation of the joints is. I thought, “why doesn’t Peggy write an article on “eating for the articulation.” Then there could be: “Eating for the intellect”, “Eating for a night out at the disco” or whatever.

    However, I’d be keen to hear what you have to say about being conscious of nutrition for the articulation of the joints.


  2. yogaforsurfers

    Thanks, Clive. I’m working on a whole “wellness” section on the YFS website, which will include lots of good nutritional advice and such along these lines.

    As always, I appreciate the input!

  3. Hi,

    I am the assistant editor for Healthyoga.com, whose sole purpose is to offer a free informational resource to the public for those seeking advice on a variety of yoga related topics from professionals.

    I’ve found your blog through a few of our mutual online affiliates and would love to work with you as well. I have interest in being included within your blog roll and would love to explore possibilities. Thank you for your time, I look forward to your response.

    Please email me back with your URL in subject line to take a step ahead and to avoid spam.

    Thank you
    Kathy Ray

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