Two Simple Tips for Instant Energy

Hello — it’s Peggy here, with two simple tips for instant energy!

Your breath is your energy, so keep it flowing!

I know, I know — it seems like there are times when the only thing that will work for a “pick-me-up” is something stimulating, like a cup of coffee, a soda, a candy bar or a bag of chips, right?!

But you probably know that those “quick fixes” often leave you with a thundering crash later, as your blood sugar plummets and blood flow to the brain is decreased, leaving you feeling every more fatigued and foggy-minded than before!

My recommendation?

1. First of all, b-r-e-a-t-h-e! Do it right now — let your abdomen expand as you inhale slowly and deeply; let your ribcage separate and your lungs fill with fresh, clean oxygen!

Let the breath linger for a moment, then exhale completely through your mouth, gently drawing your belly in to expel all the stale air.

This will clear the path for the next full, deep energizing breath!

Why this works: Deep breathing oxygenates the blood and helps to bring nutrients to the cells. Often, feelings of fatigue are caused by not enough oxygen!

Ramp it up:Try this super-energizing breathing exercise from Yoga for Board Sports!

2. Instead of reaching for junk food, eat something green! That’s right — the green pigment found in plants is chlorophyll, which is actually stored energy from the sun!

I’ve actually been known to nibble on a handful of mini salad greens for quick energy! But slices of cucumbers, celery sticks work just as well.

Green foods boost energy!

Why this works:
Chlorophyll helps the blood carry more oxygen to the body’s cells and tissues.

In a pinch, mix a teaspoon of dried greens into a glass of water — you’ll get a mild buzz that’s healthier and longer lasting than caffeine!





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