Are You Making These Mistakes in Yoga?

It’s Peggy here, with a quick question for you:

Can you guess the #1 mistake most people make when it comes to practicing yoga?

…not executing the pose correctly?

…not breathing consciously?

…not paying attention while in the poses?

Well — those are some of the common mistakes, but the #1 Mistake I see most students make is: pushing themselves too hard!

That’s right!

Too many people try to use their yoga practice as their main “workout”, and in an attempt to do so, they tend to put all of the emphasis on the physical part of the practice.

What most people forget is that yoga is actually an awakening of ALL aspects of your being — the physical as well as the mental, emotional and spiritual energies!

In yoga, you have the opportunity to integrate and balance every aspect of your being.

Some of us are typically more centered in our mental self, with most of our energy being spent on problem-solving, to-do lists, figuring things out, taking care of business, etc. These folks typically “get things done” and expect a lot from themselves and from others. Sometimes these folks will ignore the physical need for exercise and rest and will ignore the emotional need for comfort and closeness.

Others are centered mainly in the physical self, with energy focused on various aches and pains, or the realities of aging, or the on-going attainment of physical perfection at all costs, even when the body needs rest and repair.

Others still are focused on the emotional self, with energy being used to take care of emotional hurts, regrets, fears, worries, etc. On the positive side, some folks who are centered in the emotional self are also able to easily express love, joy, hope and gratitude.

Folks who are awakened to their spiritual self feel comfortable opening their hearts to the mysteries and miracles of life, dreaming big and living life from a place of passion and peace. But, if taken to the extreme, these uber-spiritual beings might be disconnected from the day-to-day realities and responsibilities like getting the oil changed in the car, paying bills on time, and understanding the material struggles the less-enlightened of us may be facing.

Don’t worry — there’s no one right or wrong way to be — but recognizing where you may currently be is valuable information so you can use your yoga practice to allow each of these aspects of your being to manifest, be present and have a voice. They are all a part of you, whether you realize it or not, and when you can balance, integrate and harmonize those energies, you’ll come closer to living a full expression of your life!

So, to get the most out of your yoga practice, work in a way that brings you closer to balance. One day, it might be that you need more of a physical practice because you’ve been sitting at your desk, working on problem solving all day.

But on another day, you might be physically worn out from an extended surf session, and you need your yoga for relaxing and rejuvenation.

Or, you might find yourself in an emotionally-charged setting and you need your yoga to erase stress and bring a sense of calm and peace.

So the next time you’re getting ready to do your yoga, think about what it is you really need, and open yourself to that experience!

Remember: yoga is not about executing a perfect pose — yoga is about experiencing yourself in the pose, fully alive, fully alert, fully present! Only then do you get the maximum benefit from the practice.


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One response to “Are You Making These Mistakes in Yoga?

  1. deb burgin

    Hi Peggy,
    Having purchased many yoga and pilates dvd’s I have been stretching and honing my flexibility for a couple of yrs.
    I have also been to studios to do yoga.
    All this came about after breaking my back in three places surfing.
    I was told I would be in a wheelchair by 50 and not to think about surfing again. Ha they did not know me or my mind.
    This was 9 yrs ago. I was fortunate to pick your yoga for boardriders first app 2 mths ago. I was sceptical as other forms of exercise did not help me at all. I could surf but had to have down time due to the pain. One week after doing your sessions in the comfort of my own home I was rapt. I do your yoga 5 times a week and incorporate it with walking surfing (which i do 7 days a week conditions permitting.) The difference in my body is amazing. I live in Australia Qld Sunshine Coast. I have since acquired all the copies of your yoga dvd’s and to any one else out there who are questioning its suitability, dont waste any more time, buy them or just one.
    After nine years I can cross my legs sitting on the floor. A small step you say, for me a huge milestone. A wheelchair at 50 I dont think so I am 50 this year in april. You dont need to spend loads of money, you can work in your own home take it steady and watch the results.
    Deborah Burgin
    Qld Australia

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