Yoga for Surfers II: Fluid Power Voted Top Yoga Video!

Wow — check out this Yoga for Surfers review from –  where Yoga for Surfers II: Fluid Power is voted the favorite out of 34 yoga/exercise DVDs!

Here’s just a snippet of what you’ll read:

“Why pick Yoga for Surfers II (YFS II) over the other three DVDs in the series, you ask? The staffers diligently, and (ahem) masterfully, followed all four of the yoga DVD series for four weeks and afterwards uninamously voted on reviewing the YFS II DVD as the overall best fit for all levels of surfers – despite the YFS 4 DVD being titled “board sports”. (In all honesty, two of the staffers were YFS followers, one having been following the training daily for over 3 years while the other performing 2 to 3 sessions a week over the last 2 years!)”

Thanks, iSurf! So glad to know that my YFS programs have had such a positive impact!

Read the entire review here, then surf on over to to get the goods!


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One response to “Yoga for Surfers II: Fluid Power Voted Top Yoga Video!

  1. Of the 3 YFS dvd’s, the 2nd gets the most use from myself. I do a lot of triathlon’s as well as surf, and I find the 2nd dvd fab when done once or twice a week. It really helps prevent injury and muscle soreness from training twice a day for tri’s. The 1st dvd is great for using after a long surf or heavy training session. And the 3rd is great when its raining outside and you need a good hard session!

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