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Secrets to a Good Down-Dog — Yoga for Surfers Style!

World Champion Tom Carroll and Peggy Hall

World Champion Tom Carroll and Peggy Hall demonstrate Down Dog - Yoga for Surfers style!

Down Dog is one of the most popular and beneficial yoga poses for a good reason: it really works!

Down dog opens the shoulders, stretches the spine, lengthens the hamstrings, gets rid of back pain, clears the mind, and is one of the best anti-aging poses in yoga as it reverses the effects of gravity and floods the brain, skin, and scalp with oxygen and nutrient-rich blood!

Click here to watch my Down Dog demonstration and explanation (From Yoga for Board Sports).

The problem is that down dog can be a tricky pose to execute — and a lot of people (who do it incorrectly) experience pain in their wrists, elbows or shoulders.

Unfortunately, most people aren’t aware of how to do down dog properly!

I’m here to show you exactly how to do a great down dog — without any pain or discomfort! Work this one into your regular Yoga for Surfers routine, and you will be amazed at how much better you feel!

The Sanskrit name for down dog is ahdo mukha svanasana.

Follow along in the clip below as I explain and demonstrate exactly how to do a down dog that feels great and is good for you, too! (You’ll see my hubby David doing it, too — and he’s the one who actually got me into yoga over 10 years ago!)

Click here to watch my Down Dog demonstration and explanation (From Yoga for Board Sports).

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How to Survive a Sting Ray Attack

stingray-3Have you ever had a run-in with a sting ray? If so, you know how agonizing the pain can be — and if not, I hope you won’t have that experience any time soon!

On my birthday, of all days, I had my first (and hopefully last!) sting from a sting ray.

Really, they should call it something other than a “sting”, which suggests a little discomfort, like you would get from a bee or a jelly fish.

A sting from a sting ray (as I found out) is far more excruciating than that!

But interestingly, the experience gave me a chance to really apply my lessons from yoga.

Yoga? And a sting ray? Click below to see how they are related!

Click here for a short video about my experience — and the surprising ways I dealt with the pain. Hint — it’s not what you think!

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