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Surprising Way to Avoid the Swine Flu (Hint: It’s Not Hand-Washing)

It’s Peggy here, with a surprising way to avoid the Swine Flu.

Wellness Expert Peggy Hall

Wellness Expert Peggy Hall

I know, I know — you’re probably as sick of hearing about it as I am!

But: there is one simple thing you can do to make sure you avoid getting sick.

Can you guess what it is? Hint: it’s not washing your hands, though that is definitely a good tip. But all the hand washing in the world won’t work if you don’t do this:

Get a good night’s sleep!

Yep! As simple as it sounds, getting a good night’s sleep is THE BEST WAY to keep your immune system strong.

You see, when you’re sleeping, your body is healing and repairing itself.

Being run-down from lack of sleep, poor nutrition, and too much stress is a sure recipe for illness, whether it’s from the Swine Flu or just whatever cold is going around.

Here are my top 5 best ways to avoid getting sick:

1. Get enough sleep (aim for 8 hours, getting to bed before 11:00 pm, when the “wake-up” hormone cortisol starts to be released, peaking around 6:00 am or so).

2. Stay away from sugar, caffeine, greasy foods and anything processed. Sugar is the worst because the body sees it as an invader (just like bacteria) and will send all the white blood cells after it to destroy it. Those white blood cells should be fighting off illness!

3. Exercise, but not too vigorously. If you’ve been following the Yoga for Surfers programs, you’re doing great! But always listen to your body and take a break when you need to. Over-exercising actually weakens your immune system, making you more susceptible to getting sick.

4. Change your sheets and towels frequently (and wash them in the hot water). Change your toothbrush at least once a month and keep it very dry in between use. Bacteria thrive in a moist environment, and viruses can live 24-48 hours on most surfaces.

5. Have fun! Enjoy yourself and spend time with friends. Do the activities that bring you joy. Studies show that a positive outlook is one of the most important things when it comes to staying healthy!

For more tips on healthy living, listen in on some of my previous wellness shows on the ABC Radio Network. But do so quickly, because soon that will become a membership-only page.

I’ll be sending out more info the “Peggy Hall Health Club” very soon! It will be your best source for more great tips on how to feel better, look better and live better!

In the meantime, have fun and stay well!
And please forward this info to a friend who could use it!

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Billabong Global Big-Wave Awards go to Garrett McNamara and Brian Conley, featured in Yoga for Surfers III: Unleashed!

When the Billabong XXL Big-Wave Awards were held on April 17, 2009 at the Grove in Anaheim, California, Garrett McNamara and Brian Conley, both featured in Yoga for Surfers III: Unleashed! were honored as two the top five surfers for “Best Ride of the Year”!


Conley showcased an amazing “inside the tube” perspective with his hand-held camera while McNamara pulled into a deep, deep, deep (did I say deep?) jaw-dropping macker at treacherous Teahupoo.

McNamara, who was also a top finalist for Best Tube Ride said, “It was the best ride of my life. I didn’t mean to do a layback, but that’s how I held my line,” the goofy-footer explained. Yeah, did you catch that? Surfing Teahupoo, backside, in one of the biggest waves ridden at that spot in all of 2008.

These guys are not just courageous, they are other-wordly. It’s no surprise, really, to find out that both Conley and G-Mac use yoga as one of their secret weapons to stay calm, cool, and laser-focused on the experience at hand.

Check out some of the Billabong Best Ride surf clips right here

In the meantime, here’s McNamara warming up in Yoga for Surfers— and get a look at the macker he rides at the end of the clip!

Here’s Brian Conley working on flexibility and focus.

Let’s give these guys the HUGE PROPS they deserve!!

Want to train like they do? Then get your own Yoga for Surfers program and bonus gifts right now!

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