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How to Beat the Holiday Blues

For some of us, the holidays are not all fun and festivities.

If the holiday season is making you a little blue, listen in for my tips and tricks for feeling better fast.

“How to Beat the Holiday Blues”

This aired on my ABC Radio Show “Health and Wellness Clinic with Peggy Hall” on December 17.


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11 Reasons Why You Need Yoga for Surfers

1. You’re feeling tired, weak, sore, stiff, slow, heavy or old.

2. You want to surf as well as you know you can.

3. You want to stretch but you’re not sure how.

4. Someone told you that you should do yoga.

5. You don’t want to go to a yoga class with all those other people.

6. You want to get rid of the aches and pains that are slowing you down.

7. You want to catch more waves more easily.

You'll wipe out a lot less when you're doing yoga

You'll wipe out a lot less when you're doing yoga

8. You want to surf with as much energy and endurance as possible.

9. You want to recover faster between sessions.

10. You want to find out for yourself what all the Yoga for Surfers buzz is about.

11. You want to learn yoga from a surfer who is also an inspirational yoga teacher.


You don’t know it yet (or maybe you do?!)  but Yoga for Surfers is going to change your life!

Grab more *FREE* info about yoga at


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Garrett McNamara Reveals Secrets to Big-Wave Surfing

From Hawaii to Alaska and everywhere in between, big-wave charger Garrett McNamara puts himself in such heavy situations that we mortals can only look at him in awe — not even envy — unless that is, you like wondering if you’re going to make it through your next surf session alive.

“Some of my friends think I’m a madman. But I like seeking out and surfing the most dangerous waves that I can find,” says McNamara.

How does he do it? What in nature’s name gives this extreme surfing world champion such laser focus, drive, tenacity, toughness and sheer I-Know-I-Can-Do-This confidence? Just exactly what does he do to stay in such amazing shape for big-wave surfing?

I know how he does it.

Now you can find out, too. McNamara himself lays it all out in a just-released video clip right here.

Big-Wave Charger Garrett McNamara surfing in Alaska

Big-Wave Charger Garrett McNamara surfing in Alaska

Listen in as he tells spills his secret weapon for feeling “confident and secure” in life-threatening surf.

The good news is that even if you can’t surf the unfathomable waves that Garrett does, at least you can benefit from one of his training tools.

More secrets to better surfing are revealed at

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Do You Know What Surfing Wellness Means?

Did you know that wellness is more than just the absence of illness?

We’re well when we feel vibrantly alive, filled with a sense of
purpose and wonder, of joy, gratitude and hope!

We’re well when we’re living our lives aligned with the purpose
of our soul, when we can’t wait to get up in the morning to see
what life has to offer!

We’re well when we feel whole, connected, at peace with ourselves
and with the world around us.

Wouldn’t you like to feel like that too?

Wouldn’t you like to find out how you can?

Sign up right here — for *FREE*!

Once each week, you’ll get one of my personal wellness tips,
tricks, strategies or skills for living a healthier,
happier, more fulfilling life — mind, body and spirit!

You’ll also get a “mindful mantra” of the week that will help you
stay connected to your path of wellness.

I look forward to sharing your journey!


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10 Things You Need to Know Before Doing Yoga

There are 10 things that you absolutely must know before you start doing yoga.

In fact — even if you have been doing yoga for a while, you should still find out.

I wish I had known these things when I started doing yoga about 10
years ago!

In my opinion, these are the things that make the difference
between having a positive experience in yoga or not.

Good for you to stay ahead of the crowd and get all the info you can.

Just in case you missed it, you can access “10 Things You Need to Know Before Doing Yoga ” right here!

Okay, that’s it for now!

Please let me if you have any questions at all — and hope to see
you in the lineup!

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