If the Westuit Fits…

Well, it’s sad but true: the time has come for donning the wetsuit.

It’s been wonderful “trunkin’ it” all summer — but even at 61 degrees, I need a little neoprene between me and the water. Unfortunately, my good old full suit has seen better days and needs to be replaced.

But the thing is, it’s hard to find a good wetsuit that fits in all the right places.

For some reason, most of the women’s suits are too narrow in the shoulders and too wide in the hips. Hey, wetsuit manufacturers — we’re surfers, remember? Not couch potatoes. What about designing a women’s wetsuit with an athlete in mind, huh?

Geesh. If anyone knows where I can get a 4/3 full suit that’s made for a female surfer, please let me know! It’s starting to get cold out there!


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3 responses to “If the Westuit Fits…

  1. louise

    I use an O’Neill 4/3. Might be a windsurfing suit, but fits well in top and i’m broad shouldered. I’m sure you can get a lighter version (not that that woudl be any use in New Zealand so i’ve not seen one!)

  2. yogaforsurfers

    I love O’Neil — that was my very first wetsuit. Now just gotta find a shop that sells ’em!

    Thanks for the tip!

  3. Yeah, ONeill wins my vote too! I just bought a 6/3 with an integral hood that is so toastie, and was definitely needed on a trip to Ireland in October, and the UK through winter! My 5/3 is ONeill too, they do a full range, and are the only company I’ve seen that do the full spec super wetsuit in female sizes – most other companies seem to have a scaled down version for us ladies, as of course we can’t be as serious as the boys now, can we?!

    I actually think mine might be surfing suits, as they are more flexible in the shoulders than windsurfing suits, so I prefer them both for windsurfing and surfing!

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