How Could it Be?

Pre-surf stretch

Pre-surf stretch

A Sunday afternoon in August — perfect surf, warm water, clear blue skies….and no one out?! No one out but me and David, that is. We surfed for a couple of hours, splitting peaks (I mostly took the lefts) and surfing ourselves silly. We finally had to go in because we were just plain surfed out.

You know the feeling, I’m sure: tired, but it a good way. Hungry, but in a good way. A little salty, a little sunburned, but all of it in a good way.

No wonder I love my special break so much. It feels like home.

Have you had a great session lately?


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9 responses to “How Could it Be?

  1. June

    There is nothing like after-surf hunger–the best time to eat! Would you consider doing a little yoga/surfing advice column here on the blog?

  2. yogaforsurfers

    You read my mind! That’s just some of the stuff I’m going to be covering here. Thanks for the input!

  3. Kathy

    Peggy, I am now 3 months pregnant, and missing the surfing already. Do you know of any surfing mothers club in So Cal? I think they have these clubs in Australia so that mums can surf and meet other surf minded women while having a childcare support network.

  4. yogaforsurfers

    Hi Kathy! There’s a great club in San Diego — “San Diego Surf Ladies” Check out their website here:


    What a great idea for surfing moms! Or hey, let’s throw it out the readers here …do you know of any others?

    Take care now and best wishes!

  5. Hi Peggy…I’d like to ask you a few questions…First of all I’m 42 and surfing from some time…About 10 years ago I had a big wave accident that compressed my vertebras…since than I tried to get in shape but with poor results…Than about 3 year ago started the magnificent Yoga and it was a succes…This last year I could not practise much and got stiffer at the point that one vertebral disc herniated…Now I’m doing exercises to recover…but i’d like to know if you have specific training for people who suffer to my same degeneration…I mean Yoga exercises of cource….I have a plain hernia that touches the sciatic nerve..I can walk my leg is ok but in the surfing prone position it sores….Thanks for reading…Hey…I give you a tip if you do a Yoga for herniated surfer dvd you get millionare!!!!….thanks take care

  6. yogaforsurfers

    Thanks, Aldo. I’m stoked that the YFS programs have helped you. Now, the yoga poses are extremely effective in healing herniated discs. Keep in mind that the muscles of the body move the bones of the body (like the vertebral discs) so keeping the muscles lengthen and toned is very important.

    The next factor is nutrition. Our cells are created by what we eat, so the fuel must be high quality. Lean protein, fresh fruits and vegetables, raw nuts and seeds, avocado, olive oil, flaxseeds will all keep the joints lubricated. Hydration is important. I recommend up to 3 liters of water a day.

    Finally, the mind is the most important tool for healing. You must allow your body to heal. That means forgiving yourself for getting into the accident. (Believe it or not, that lingering frustration over getting hurt can keep you from healing.) That also means not talking about the accident, not dwelling on the pain, not mentioning it to people in a conversation. Otherwise, you will continue to experience pain — even if your body has healed!

    I recommend doing a vivid daily visualization of you being at perfect health. See yourself as healthy, whole and heal. Repeat those words as your “new truth”. This is the missing link in healing.

    I hope it helps.

    P.S. I do offer personal online services for healing and wellness. Please email me if you want more information.

  7. sheree

    last sunday…
    the golden saunday as it shall forever been known. a little reef called reef, a two klm walk with the reward of two hours of surf with my partner and our friend photographing!
    For all the effort we spend searching the globe it does not come better than home!
    Otherwise refered to as god’s country (and can be recreated whereva your heart is!)
    Love – live – surf.

  8. sheree

    by the way I credit your videos for helping me to be finally surfing. After deciding at 25 that surfing was what I wanted and having spent my life on my bum it took some serious work to build the strength to achieve my dream! Five years later and I’m still working hard on building strength to improve each surf. Thankyou peggy! Thankyou mother ocean!

  9. yogaforsurfers

    Thank you, Sheree. Gee – I felt like I was there with you on that golden day.

    No wonder why we love surfing so much — it is, if fact, an expression of life itself!

    I am stoked to have been a part of inspiring you to follow your dream!
    ~ Peggy

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