Thank You, Life!

I’ve had the good fortune of swimming and surfing with dolphins quite a few times in my life, but today was like no other.

David and I surfed our favorite break, and it was surprisingly uncrowded for a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Sure, the conditions weren’t that great, but at least the water was warm and we were practically the only people out. I caught a handful of rights with a left thrown in here and there. Sort of a peaky windswell. I couldn’t complain!

Then the dolphins arrived.

This was a pretty big pod — maybe 8 or 10 or more. And a few of them were quite large, too.

I’ve always said that dolphins like to come in on a set. We’d been waiting out a lull, so the dolphins were a welcomed sight. We hoped they would surf a wave — that’s always so breathtaking, to witness the true masters of the surf!

And a couple of them did launch themselves — elegantly, effortlessly, spectacularly — right in front of us.

But what really gave us a catch in our throats was how they continued to swim and glide and romp right next to us — and I mean right next to us. Under us, around us, with their fins close enough to grab on to. (I had a dream like that once, and it was so real, I could feel the sandpaper texture of their skin as I held onto the fin and had the ride of my life!)

It seemed that my dream was coming true.

The dolphins stayed and frolicked for over 30 minutes, playfully catching a few more waves, beckoning us to join them.

It was as if we were surfing with a great group of friends.

And we were.

Thank you dolphins, thank you life!


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10 responses to “Thank You, Life!

  1. Mike Sanchez

    I have had the same type of experience. Any day in the ocean is a good one. In fact, when I wake up I consider it a good day!! I do have a question for Peggy. What are some of the specific things you do for back health? Any suggestions? Thanks for all that you do and your positive attutude!

  2. yogaforsurfers

    Hey Mike! I’m going to offer a whole free series about how to “Heal Your Back”. Check back later in the week, and I’ll get you all set up!

    Thanks for surfing by.

    Yes, every day is a sacred gift!

  3. Mike Sanchez

    Looking forward to it and thank you!

  4. Scot Coulson

    Sounds like the perfect day! Glad to hear things are going well for you. Looking forward to viewing the new Dvd. Samantha is still using the other three and me as well when time permits, but the leg is healing slow and still doesn’t support weight too well.
    Sure do miss SoCal and the ocean, enjoy an extra spash for me until I get a chance to make it back out that way again.
    All My Best, Always
    Scot & Samantha

  5. Stella

    Hi Peggy,

    I’m still enjoying the YFS dvd’s so much. Using them often and also using some of the exercises when doing other sports (e.g. running).

    I used to do ballet academy as a teenager and I find a lot of similarities between yoga and my dancing classes. I enjoy both surfing and yoga so much, but as I’m living and working in Amsterdam at the moment, I thought it’s a good opportunity to do a yoga course. I am even dreaming about doing a teachers course some day, just to take my own yoga to another level, but also to maybe teach yoga during traveling on different surfing spots.

    I can’t explain how much I enjoy combining yoga with surfing and I really want to do more of both in the future. Therefore I want to make a good choice on the course that I am going to undertake. But here in Amsterdam there is so many kinds of Yoga, so many schools and teachers. However, I want to go into a yoga style that the best to combine with surfing. I thought you might be able to give me advise on this. Which yoga style are you practicing or what style do you believe of is best for me to go into? To combine it with surfing and be able to make yoga for surfers lessons with?

    Hope all is good with both of you in California, all the best and take care.


  6. martin costello

    hey guys,
    i’ve just odered a 3 pack of your dvds ! had a nasty accident 12 months ago on a oil rig (tried to tango with a pedestel drill )and partially twisted my left forearm off. alls going pretty cool now,
    after 6 ops and 2 to go.
    hoping your dvds will help manly with flexibility and strength as im just getting back in the water and trying to surf again.
    on the subject of cool experiences ,myself and a good mate stewy have had two very close (io feet away) encounters with migrating hump back whales.first was a mother and calf and second a pod of 3 huge males ,its was a very humbling experience !
    stay cool !
    may your waves always be long
    and your boards short !

    ciao nasty (broken rig welder)

  7. yogaforsurfers

    Well, that sounds like a pretty radical accident. First, let me wish you all the best for a very rapid recovery.

    Next, congratulations, because you are taking an important step in your healing! Yoga is scientifically proven to help the body heal and recover. You will be increasing your circulation, repairing damaged tissue and coming back into balance.

    So glad I can help you with that.

    Finally, your encounter with the whales sounds wonderful. I agree — it is so humbling to witness such magnificence!

    Take care now, and happy healing!
    ~ Peggy

  8. Bob Schiff


    I love your comments and stream of consciousness. Keep them coming. Best regards to David.


  9. Janie

    My Orlando based company offers yoga, pilates, boot camps and surf 101. All of my staff practice Peggy’s fluid power workout and have created even more yoga routines on the board in between sets. We love it! Cohesion Yoga and Fitness is forming a corporate surf team and plan to enter some upcoming competitions! Check us out at and come paddle out with us if you make it to the East coast.

    Janie Handlin

  10. yogaforsurfers

    Thanks, Janie! That sounds great. The way I look at — the more surfers doing yoga, the better the vibe n the lineup!

    have fun now ~

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