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Thank You, Life!

I’ve had the good fortune of swimming and surfing with dolphins quite a few times in my life, but today was like no other.

David and I surfed our favorite break, and it was surprisingly uncrowded for a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Sure, the conditions weren’t that great, but at least the water was warm and we were practically the only people out. I caught a handful of rights with a left thrown in here and there. Sort of a peaky windswell. I couldn’t complain!

Then the dolphins arrived.

This was a pretty big pod — maybe 8 or 10 or more. And a few of them were quite large, too.

I’ve always said that dolphins like to come in on a set. We’d been waiting out a lull, so the dolphins were a welcomed sight. We hoped they would surf a wave — that’s always so breathtaking, to witness the true masters of the surf!

And a couple of them did launch themselves — elegantly, effortlessly, spectacularly — right in front of us.

But what really gave us a catch in our throats was how they continued to swim and glide and romp right next to us — and I mean right next to us. Under us, around us, with their fins close enough to grab on to. (I had a dream like that once, and it was so real, I could feel the sandpaper texture of their skin as I held onto the fin and had the ride of my life!)

It seemed that my dream was coming true.

The dolphins stayed and frolicked for over 30 minutes, playfully catching a few more waves, beckoning us to join them.

It was as if we were surfing with a great group of friends.

And we were.

Thank you dolphins, thank you life!


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